What Goes Around Kids

Children's Resale Boutique offering baby and children's clothing and gear

How it works


No Appointment Necessary

Feel free to come in any time we are open.  We will go through your items right away and give you an offer.  If we are very busy, we will ask you to please return within 24 hours.

Clothing must be clean, and neatly folded

Please bring your clothing in baskets or bins, neatly folded.  They must be within 5 years old and in current style.  No stains, pilling, or missing buttons.

Baby Gear

Baby Gear must be clean, functional, and within 5 years old.  We will check for Safety Recalls.

Cash/Check or Store Credit

You will receive 35% in Store Credit only for clothing, shoes, and smaller items such as toys and books. 

You will receive 35% cash or check for larger items like furniture and gear such as strollers, or 50% in Store Credit.

Items we accept


Childrens resale Crib

Toddler Beds



childrens resale strollers

Baby Gear



Childrens resale toys